Health Benefits of Chiropractic

Dr. Hale Helps You Feel Better Fast

Dr. Pat Hale is an expert in helping you recover without expensive surgery or harsh prescription drugs. He uses over 30 years of Chiropractic experience in Albuquerque, New Mexico to give you effective, results-driven treatment.

Dr. Hale knows you want to recover from pain quickly and help your body heal as fast as possible. That is why he uses proven techniques to encourage your body's natural methods for regeneration and recuperation.

Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects your health.

When everything is put back in its proper alignment, you start to recover.

Back Pain

Lots of people come to Dr. Hale to have their back pain treated. This pain can result from spinal problems, accidents, stress from work, and other causes. Lots of people have careers that require heavy lifting, stretching, bending that can take its toll on the back.

Back pain can be chronic and debilitating. It's hard to do simple things like sit, stand, or walk when your back is out. When your back hurts, it is difficult to work or even enjoy life.

Dr. Hale will examine your back and proceed with the proper treatment to correct current and past problems. Back trouble is one of the most studied and often corrected problems in Chiropractic. Dr. Hale uses his many years of experience combined with the latest research to help you get well fast.

General Wellness

Quite understandably a lot of people think Chiropractic is just for back pain, but actually we work to help heal many problems and increase wellness overall.

Dr. Hale treats problems ranging from asthma to neck pain to headaches. Adjustments can also impact a huge number of conditions including those related to the nervous system. He uses soft tissue techniques such as massage, dietary and nutritional counseling, physical therapies, and lifestyle modification programs.

Visit Dr. Hale for a frank discussion of how your condition could best be treated. There are exciting new techniques that are now available along with traditional treatments that have been perfected over the years.

Auto Accidents

Car crashes are a major source of injury. Even minor parking lot fender benders can lead to major problems. Dr. Hale has decades of experience helping those who are suffering from whiplash, neck and back pain, headaches, and a wide range of other pains that can occur after an accident.

If not treated, injuries from an auto accident can worsen and lead to more serious long-term conditions. The multiple joints in your spine and neck can be stretched and injured when suddenly thrown in any direction during a crash.

Dr. Hale uses professional chiropractic treatment to ease the pressure on injured joints, move them back into proper alignment, and let them heal without the threat of long-term pain. He will take a complete set of spinal x-rays that pinpoint injuries and barriers to recovery. Your treatment is then custom designed to help you heal fast.

If you have been in an accident, please contact Dr. Hale's office. He can usually see you within 15 minutes after your arrival.

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